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The minute you get comfortable and stop building is the minute you're in trouble.

Unhappy with being an employee and looking for freedom I started investing in real estate at the age of 21. With enough cashflow to live off of I quit my job and travelled the world at the age of 25. I have dealt with my fare share of obstacles as an entrepreneur and learned some hard lessons. I have used these lessons to grow and become stronger as a person. One lesson I learned was to never get comfortable. The minute you get comfortable and stop building is the minute your in trouble. I have continued to grow and expand my business into online marketing and branding and focusing on helping others create financial freedom like I have done. That is where my passion is. It’s why I started at the age of 21 and its why i’m still doing it today. I believe everyone deserves to be financially free and have a lifestyle on their terms!

  • Financial Freedom Expert

    Helping people exit the rat race

  • Online marketing and Branding

    Teaching people you to turn their passion into a real business

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    Helping people think differently about what retirement really is

  • Coaching

    My passion is helping people create financial freedom and exit the rat race like I have done

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