December 24, 2015

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logo finalMy story started after high school. I got into the trades as an automotive mechanic. I am a gear head so I thought i would love it. But after a while of working I started to feel more and more unhappy. I hated spending all my time at a job and not being able to travel, do my sports or hang out with friends and family. on top of that I hated listening to the negative attitude of these old mechanics who had spent 40 years working in the trade and didn’t do anything with their lives. I began to see myself in their shoes in 40 years if i didn’t make a change. I wanted to live a lifestyle on my terms.

I started looking for different options. I had no idea where to start or what to do. It seemed like to start a business you needed lots of money and it seemed so daunting at the time. Then one day I  got a flyer in the mail for a real estate inventing event at a nearby hotel. I was curious so I went. At the event I learned I could buy rental properties and collect rent from tenants to give me cashflow. Mind blown. I was all in. Shortly after I bought my first house. I lived in the basement and rented out the top floor. the top floor paid for all my houses expenses. I had successfully moved out of my parents house and moved into my own house and still I was living for free! Shortly after I bought some more properties.

It got to a point when I was 25 when I didn’t need to work any more as the cashflow was paying for my lifestyle. I then told my boss I was retiring ( with a confused look on his face ) he accepted my resignation. I booked a ticket to hong kong and spent the next year travelling the world.

It was a absolute life changing experience travelling the world living off the income I had created from my rental properties. I had excited the rat race and and was living my dream!

We planned on travelling all over the world for an undetermined amount of time. But then the unthinkable happened. The price of oil crashed from over $110 a barrel to a low of around $40 a barrel. My Real Estate was in the Canadian oil sands. In the one city that would be most affected from the price of oil. Rents started dropping from massive layoffs from the big oil companies. Now my passive income that was allowing me to travel was drying up. So sadly I had to book tickets back to Canada and deal with the oil crash situation. Things got a bit sketchy for a while when it came to keeping my real estate portfolio afloat. The economy has thankfully bounced back from it’s all time low.

It did however teach me a valuable lesson. To never get comfortable. The minute you get comfortable and stop building is the minute your in trouble. I have since kept building my business and expanded massively into online marketing and branding. Focusing on helping others create financial freedom like I have done. That is where my passion is. It’s why I started in real estate at the age of 21 and its why i’m still doing it. I believe everyone deserves to be financially free and have a lifestyle on their terms!

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