December 28, 2016


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My coaching Story

I was spinning around in circles and was going no where. I had spent the previous year and a half with no results and no idea what I was doing. I simply wanted to grow my business but nothing seemed to work.

Then one day I met a guy who was successfully doing exactly what I wanted to be doing. I went through his course and eventually found out he did personal coaching with a select number of people.

I really aligned with the guy so I enquired about coaching. I was able to book a private session with him to see if he was the right fit my goals and me. It turns out he was in a big way!

That was the day my life and business dreams turned around. The more time I spent with him the the more momentum I built up.

I know the power of personal coaching and I believe anyone who has a goal to accomplish in any field should have a coach supporting and guiding them.

It is the reason I have chosen to coach people who have a goal to escape threat race for themselves. I know that road and love to help others who have chosen to travel down it as well.

How to Apply

  • Figure out where you are
  • Plan where you are going
  • Put a strategic action plan together based on your goals.
  • Paul Duncan Is only available to coach a few people. Email your request to Paul Duncan to see if there is availability.

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