Well What are we gonna do now? My girlfriend asked.

Damn! I don’t know…I really wanted to be an Oreo! I said. What are we gonna be now?

Hmmmm…. ( after some thought ) How about Gangsters? She Said.

Well I am pretty gansta… I said with a smirk…. all right i’m down, lets do it!

A few days ago we were planning our halloween costumes. We were super excited about each being 1 half of an Oreo… Such a good couples costume!

But our plans changed and it turns out we will be on a flight to a very nice destination (  more on that soon… I promise 😉  ). There was no way we were fitting 2 giant halfs of an Oroe in our luggage.IMG_2579

To our disappointment we had to make the sad choice of being Gangsters instead. 

Which isn’t really a sad choice….I think I look pretty good as a 1930’s Gangster 😛 

What do you think?

Not bad hey?

I’m definitely missing the cigar lol….

Ohhh by the way that reminds me.

Speaking of the 30’s. My girlfriend and I have been nerding out about the book “think and grow rich”

Have you heard of it? It was written in 1937 and is, in my opinion, the most valuable wealth creation book of all time.

Some People ( me included ) call it the entrepreneurs bible… and for good reason.

51+WEUyuWJL._AC_UL320_SR262,320_If you have not read this book yet, I reccomend it as your next book.

Its one of those rare life changing books that even after all these years everything in the book is absolutely applicable today!

I posted the link below in case you want to check it out :)

Anyway, thats it for me… I think im gonna watch some scary halloween movies now.

Your Gansta’ buddy,

Paul Duncan.

P.S. If you have an epic costume, I wanna hear about it! head over to my Facebook page and let me know!


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