The TRUTH Behind What “RICH” Really Is

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What do you think of when you hear the word RICH? Maybe a luxurious mansion? How about a Lamborghini?2bfb91879ea353ceec04ed094e39d29b

What if “rich” was much simpler than that. There is a real definition of what rich is and it doesn’t necessarily include a Lamborghini or a mansion. Most importantly though, why does this matter to you? We all want to be better off financially but seeing people driving a Lamborghini into their mansion feels intimidating. You may say to yourself “I’ll never have that.” What if I told you being “rich” is much simpler and easier than that? What if it was actually attainable for you?

How could “rich” be attainable for you? Before I tell you the definition I need to explain what passive income is. Passive income is the most important part to becoming rich! You see someone who works a job is trading their time for money. They go into work and give away 8 hours of their time and in exchange the company gives them a certain amount of money in exchange. This is what we call active income. The pay checks stop flowing when you stop giving away your time. Passive income works differently and its what allows you to be “rich”. Passive income is money you make while your sleeping, or surfing or having dinner with the family, it’s created passively. This means you don’t have to give away your time to put food on the table. You can live the life that you choose.

How do you create passive income? Many ways but it boils down to 2 things:

  1. Business
  2. Investing

short-sale-a-rental-propertyFor example my rental properties receive rental income from tenants which gives me cash in my bank account. I provided them with a safe and clean place to live and in exchange I received passive income. I didn’t have to give up my time, instead I gave them a place to call home.

Another example is when people spend money online, like on Amazon. When someone purchases a product on Amazon the seller gets paid. There was no work to be done except from the customer entering their credit card

Now that you know what passive income is, it’s time to explain what rich is. The definition of rich is having your passive income greater than your expenses. It’s that simple. When that happens you are rich! If you have a job your job becomes a choice. You can keep working there if you are passionate about it or you can quit to pursue other things that you are truly passionate about. Because at the end of the day thats all that it boils down to. All it is it having freedom. Living your passion and having the lifestyle that 0a193602211867baf617ca8890feb420you dream about. This may not mean owning a Lamborghini or having a massive mansion. Maybe it simply means being able to pick your kids up from school everyday or going on multiple vacations every year or having the free time to pursue that hobby you love.

Now that you know what it really means to be rich, how would it feel to have a simple step by step action plan so you can BE rich. If you would like to learn how to have more time with the kids, or go travelling, or pursue that hobby you have not had time for I will be hosting a Free 5 day financial freedom action pan coarse on my Facebook group September, 26 / 2017. In this coarse you will learn how to create a clear financial freedom action plan for yourself over 5 days with me as your guide!

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